June 1. – 2. 2024

About Fantasticon

Fantasticon is the national Danish Copenhagen science fiction, fantasy and horror convention. It is a fan-run convention – hosted by fan for fans. It is a space designed to let fans, writers and artists interested in the genre intermingle and create community. Fantasticon is a 100% volunteer project. Science Fiction Circlen and Fantastik has sponsered the con for many years.

Fantasticon was founded in 2004 and has been held in the Copenhagen area ever since. Except in 2007, where Denmark were the host for Eurocon and in 2020 where the con went online due to the pandemic.

You can get in contact with the society by emailing info@fantasticon.dk.

The official Fantasticon logo with a dragon skull surrounded by a spiral from a flying rocket and laying on a book

Most years between 75 and 150 people attend the convention over the weekend. Each year tit is a mix of new participants, fans that has been coming for years, artists, cartoonists and authors coming together to meet old and new friends.

The programing is a mix of talks, panel discussions, workshops and other program items such as readings and kaffeecluts

The convention is run by the Fantasticon Society, which is a volunteer organization, with the sole purpose of running Fantasticon. Each year a committee organize the event that has volunteered to host this year’s event. In 2022, 2023 and again in 2024 Fantasticon is chaired by Jesper Rugård Jensen. During the convention more volunteers help out with the practical side of running the convention and manning the bar.

Each year Fantasticon invites a international few guests of honour (GoH) to the convention. The convention pay for hotel and travel for the GoHs. All other participants in programming are unpaied volunteers.

You can find the website to all the previous cons here

The café area of Fantasticon