Fantasticon 2023

Fantasticon 2023 is this year’s national Danish Copenhagen science fiction, fantasy and horror convention. It is a fan-run convention – hosted by fan for fans. It is a space designed to let fans, writers and artists interested in the genre intermingle and create community. Fantasticon is a 100% volunteer project. Like last year the convention takes place in Støberiet in Copenhagen.

The theme

This year’s theme for Fantasticon 2023 is ‘On the Other Side‘ and we hope explore the theme though a number of program items including ‘Multiverse i tegneserier’, ‘Portal fantasy in fiction’, ‘Alice i eventyrland – bag spejlet og videre, Hvordan fortolker man Alice?’, ‘Rollespil og portaler’, ‘Danmark på vrangen – den anden side af Danmark’ and ‘Teoretisk fysik og parallelverdener og ormehuller’ just to mention a few.

Sign up

If you are under 26 years old when you buy the ticket, you can get a free ticket, if you sign up no later than a week before Fantasticon (or before the free tickets are sold out).
For everyone else the tickets are 150 kr for a day ticket or 250 kr for a weekend ticket. We do sell ticket at the event, but they are a bit more expensive, so sign up beforehand.


This year’s Guests of Honour are: The Danish fantasy author Malene Sølvsten, the Irish gothic author Tracy Fahey and British science fiction author Chris Beckett!

We have a number of other amazing guests at the program including danish and international guests.

The program

The program at Fanasticon is always a mix of panels, workshops, talks and more. The program is partly in Danish and partly in English.

We are currently working on the program of this year’s Fanasticon. Find our list of program items here and our program schedule here.

Follow our Facebook page to keep up with the newest program announcements.


  • Thank you for Fantasticon 2023

    Thank you for Fantasticon 2023

    We want to thank everyone who took part in this year’s Fantasticon! We want to thank the people who visited the convention for the very first time – as well as those who has been here from the very beginning! We want to thank everyone who has been on the programing – there would be […]

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  • Help us get photos from the con

    Help us get photos from the con

    Please help us gather photos from Fantasticon 2023 for our website! Unlike last year we didn’t have an official photographer, so we are now left without any photographs from the convention. We hope that you will help us gather as may photos as possible, so that we will have a little bit of an easier […]

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  • Chris Beckett had to cancel

    Chris Beckett had to cancel

    We are very sad to announce that our guest of honour Chris Beckett had to cancel his apperance at Fantasticon 2023. Last week Chris had surgery at a hospital, but expected to recover in time for Fantasticon. Unfortunately he had to go back to the hospital for further treatment on Tuesday, and couldn’t expect to […]

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