Get Fantasticon merch!

For the first time in many years we have merchandise for the con! Last year it was requested that we made t-shirts, so we are really happy that we can offer t-shirts and mugs this year!

Get the t-shirt here from Red Bobble, they ship from the EU*, so there is no extra surprise taxes and the t-shirt fabric is good quality:

The design is of course by Katarina Eriksson of Märka design and she gets the profits from the t-shirt sales as part of her payment for making the amazing graphics for us this year!

There are two different designs: One in white for dark backgrounds and one in black for light background. We recommend that you choose the t-shirt in black, dark blue or white for the best results. You can also choose to order a mug.

There is also a classic Fantasticon Logo design, which we recommend getting as a mug, sticker or t-shirt. See more options below

*T-shirts and mugs and a number of other items ships from the EU, but not everything on the site, so please check here, if you are ordering something other than a mug or a t-shirt.