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  • Thank you for Fantasticon 2023

    Thank you for Fantasticon 2023

    We want to thank everyone who took part in this year’s Fantasticon! We want to thank the people who visited the convention for the very first time – as well as those who has been here from the very beginning! We want to thank everyone who has been on the programing – there would be […]

  • Help us get photos from the con

    Help us get photos from the con

    Please help us gather photos from Fantasticon 2023 for our website! Unlike last year we didn’t have an official photographer, so we are now left without any photographs from the convention. We hope that you will help us gather as may photos as possible, so that we will have a little bit of an easier […]

  • Chris Beckett had to cancel

    Chris Beckett had to cancel

    We are very sad to announce that our guest of honour Chris Beckett had to cancel his apperance at Fantasticon 2023. Last week Chris had surgery at a hospital, but expected to recover in time for Fantasticon. Unfortunately he had to go back to the hospital for further treatment on Tuesday, and couldn’t expect to […]

  • Fantasticon auction

    Fantasticon auction

    We auction of donated books, movies and other genre related items to support the con. You can bid on as many or as few items as you want and there is no obligation to bid on anything just because you are there. The bids are made during the auction and the winning bid is written […]

  • Meet and greet – Friday

    Meet and greet – Friday

    Friday 17:00-20:00 We set up the con and hang out and talk. Everyone is welcome even without a ticket, so if you just want to say hi, now is a good time. If you want to volunteer to do some light and easy jobs, we need help preparing the badges, hanging posters, setting up chairs […]

  • Do you want a booth?

    Do you want a booth?

    Have you considered getting a booth at Fantasticon 2023? We are running out of space for booths, so please contact us soon! You just pay for your tickets of who-ever need to man the booth and is no other fees to get up a booth. But write to us soon if you want one: […]

  • Get Mech!

    Get Mech!

    We are really happy that we are able to offer a t-shirt this year as it was requested last year! The design is of course by Katarina Eriksson of Märka design and she gets the profits from the t-shirt sales as part of her payment for making the amazing graphics for us this year! Get […]

  • Announcing the three guests of honour

    Announcing the three guests of honour

    We are very lucky to be able to announce three guests of honour: The Danish fantasy author Malene Sølvsten, the Irish gothic author Tracy Fahey and British science fiction author Chris Beckett! We are really looking forward to hosting both of them for the next Fantasticon! We look forward to seeing you all ‘on the […]

  • Fantasticon 2023

    Fantasticon 2023

    We are currently working on putting together Fantasticon 2023 – the date will be June 2nd to 4th. Like in 2022 the venue will be Støberiet, this time without a punk festival in the square outside the venue. We hope to see there again! Follow us on facebook to get the newest updates!

  • Photos from Fantasticon 2022

    Photos from Fantasticon 2022

    We had the wonderful photographer Rasmus Barfoed take photos for the con this year

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