June 1. – 2. 2024

Volunteering at Fantasticon

Fantasticon is a fan-run convention, which means that everything has been done by a volunteer and nobody is payed for the work they do.

The only exactions are the Guests of Honour who gets their hotel stay, food and transportation paid by the convention.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! If you have a ticket to the con or is an invited guest we would love your help!

Why should I help?

Because without your help and others like you, there are no Fantasticon! Also we will give you god star on your badge that will give you access to some perks (yet to be decided – properly drinkable).

What do volunteers do?

We need help both before the convention and during the con.

Before the con: We need help spreading the word about the con in real life and on social media. So if you see one of our posts please share it. Talk about the con to friends and do your own posts about going. It really helps! Every year new people discover the con by you guys talking about it. We might also need help hanging some posters around town before the con, answer if you see a post about it. We are also a group of volunteers that plan and organize the convention, if you want to be a part of that group next year we would love to hear from you. Write to us at our email: info@fantasticon.dk

At the convention:
Setup: We need help moving chairs around; hanging posters around the building; prepping the name badges for everyone; shopping and hauling things for the bar; testing the mics and similar tasks.
During the con: We need help manning the bar, making sure there is water for the program guests in the rooms and similar tasks.

How do I volunteer?

If you want to help with setup or during the con we would love to hear from you.

When you buy your ticket you can just check that you would like to volunteer and fill out the little form and say what you want to help with and we will get in touch.

If you have already bought your ticket, then write an email to info@fantasticon.dk and put volunteer in the subject line.

At the convetion you can also just tell the people in the bar that you want to help, then they have a list of things that needs to doing so you can sign up.

What if I want to plan next year’s con?

Talk to someone from the conrunning team during the con if you want to be a part of the orginasation next year or send us an email at info@fantasticon.dk