The venue for Fantasticon 2023 will once again be Støberiet which is located at
Blågårds Plads 5
2200 København N.

Støberiet is a community center and library that has been kind enough to lend us their facilties for the weekend.

The venue

Registration, infomation and the café is all located on the 2. floor – there is an elevator just inside the library area.

Programing takes place in tree rooms: The smaller room Dracula on the ground floor, the café on the second floor and the big room Frankenstein on the third floor.


The venue has an elevator and level-free access to all the areas of the building that we use for the con.

We ask all parts of the program to use a microphone, the same goes for questions from the audience, so everyone can hear what is going on. The only program that is not miked, is items taking place in the café area or in small groups, as we do not have enough mikes to make that happen.

Get to the con

Public transport: The venue is close to bus 1A, 5A and 350S and within easy walking distance to bus 68. It is about 15 minutes by public transport from the central train station.

Parking: As with most of Copenhagen all parking nearby is payed parking. The closest bigger parking spot is Baggesensgade 36, 2200 København.