June 1. – 2. 2024


Hotels and hostels in Copenhagen

There are just about 21.000 hotel beds in Copenhagen! There should be one for you too, especially if you book early. Apps like Booking.com, Hotels.com and others cover Copenhagen extensively. And they sometimes give good deals compared to the hotel’s own website bookings.

Below we have suggested a few hotels and hostels near the convention site, as well as e few a little farther away.

Hotels and hostels within 1 km of the convention venue (Støberiet, Blågårds Plads):

Avenue Hotel Copenhagen
Åboulevard 29 (400 m from Blågårds Plads)
Prices start at 654 DKK for a single room

Hotel Nora
Nørrebrogade 18 B (400 m from Blågårds Plads)
Prices start at 970 DKK for a double room

Sleep in Heaven
Struenseegade 7 (500 m from Blågårds Plads)
Dorm beds from 195 DKK (only for age 16-35)
2 bed private room for 800 DKK / 3 bed room for 900 DKK

Globalhagen hostel
Ravnsborggade 11, Nørrebro (600 m from Blågårds Plads)
https://www.globalhagen.dk/ (booking for the weekend 25-26 June seems currently unavailable on the website, but can be made from https://www.hostelworld.com/)
Dorm beds from 233,75 DKK
2 bed private room from 654,50 DKK

Hotel M18
Meinungsgade 18, Nørrebro (1 km from Blågårds Plads)
Prices start at 785 DKK for a double room

Hotels and hostels within 3 km of the convention venue:

Cabinn Express
Danasvej 32 (1,2 km from Blågårds Plads)
Reopens for booking later in spring 2022
Prices start at 499 for a single room

Urban House
Colbjørnsensgade 5-11 (2 km from Blågårds Plads)
Dorm bed from 317 DKK
2 bed private room from 998 DKK

Urban Camper
Lygten 2C, Kbh NV (2,4 km from Blågårds Plads)
Bed in 4 person tent from 256,50 DKK
2 bed private tent from 715 DKK

Danhostel Copenhagen City
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50 (2,4 km from Blågårds Plads)
Dorm beds from 315 DKK
2 bed private room from 855 DKK

Next House
Bernstorffsgade 27 (2,4 km from Blågårds Plads)
Dorm beds from 330 DKK
2 bed private room from 950 DKK

Wakeup Copenhagen
3 hotels at the following addresses:
– Bernstorffsgade 35 (2,6 km from Blågårds Plads)
– Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11(2,8 km from Blågårds Plads)
– Borgergade 9 (2,2 km from Blågårds Plads)

The hotel at Bernstorffsgade is the cheapest, with single rooms from 400 DKK, double rooms from 500 DKK and triple rooms from 600 DKK