Hotels in Copenhagen

There are just about 21.000 hotel beds in Copenhagen! There should be one for you too! Especially if you book early. Apps like, and others cover Copenhagen extensively. And they often give good deals compared to the hotel´s own website bookings. Below we have suggested a few hotels near the convention site that we can recommend.

Our recommended hotel – where most of our guests and members usually stay and where we usually have our Dead Dog Party. Hotel Fy & Bi,, Valby Langgade 62, 2500 Valby. Price is just about 800-1000 DKK per double room. This hotel is situated 2,7 km from the convention venue. The bus line 26 stops very near the convention venue and very near the hotel.

Please note that the Convention takes place at another site: The Order of Serapion, Haveselskabetsvej 3A, 1823 Frederiksberg C.


Just next to the convention rooms is another fine small hotel Hotel Sankt Thomas,, Frederiksberg Allé 7, 1621 København V. Price here is 700-900 DKK per room, with up to 60 rooms. It is situated 0,2 km from the convention rooms.

If you want a touch of history and exclusivity, there is Hotel Josty in the ancient garden of Frederiksberg. It is just between the convention rooms and the convention hotel,, Pile Alle 14A, 2000 Frederiksberg. Price is fixed at 1000 DKK per room, with only 6 rooms in total. It is situated 0,9 km from the convention rooms.

Just next to the convention hotel is Hotel Rossini,, Gammel Jernbanevej 27, 2500 Valby. Price is 900 DKK per room, with 84 rooms. It is situated 2,6 km from the convention rooms.

If you want a good and much cheaper option, there is a large and well situated hostel with a very nice view of Copenhagen (it is a skyscraper by the waterside): DanHostel Copenhagen City,, H. C. Andersens Blvd. 50, 1553 København V. Price begins at only 100 DKK per room and ends at around 500 DKK per room. Price depends at size, time of booking, and view of the city. There are 100 rooms.