The mad scientist and the end of the world

Science is often seen as both our saviour and our doom. The latter traditionally personified as the mad scientist. The mad scientist is a fictional character, but maybe real world science can be the cause of the world’s end? For example, the recent concern that the LHC particle accelarator will make tiny black holes. And the huge arsenals of nuclear weapons didn’t exactely go away, just because we stopped worrying about them. Maybe intelligent species in the universe are destined to make an end of themselves, as they develop ever more dangerous technologies?

On the panel is US prize-winning British science fiction writer Alastair Reynolds, genre film expert Nicolas Barbano and futurologist Klaus Æ. Mogensen. Stig Balling from the Danish Science Cafe Videnskabscafeen is moderator (and expert on the history of science).

In collaboration with Videnskabscafeen