June 1. – 2. 2024

Meet and greet – Friday

Friday 17:00-20:00

We set up the con and hang out and talk. Everyone is welcome even without a ticket, so if you just want to say hi, now is a good time. If you want to volunteer to do some light and easy jobs, we need help preparing the badges, hanging posters, setting up chairs and a bunch of other jobs that requires no experience other than a willingness to move things.

If you are new to Fantasticon this is a really great opportunity to meet the crew behind the convection as well as other convection-goers.

If you need to set up a booth, now is a great time before so the rest of the con is less stressful. The café area is locked when the convention is not open, so you can leave your things overnight.

The Meet & Greet is open even without a ticket.

We are properly going out to find something to eat and a drink together afterwards and you are welcome to join us.