Pat Cadigan Update

An update about our Guest of Honour, Pat Cadigan:

On December 30th, Pat Cadigan announced:

“My cancer is back. The form I have can’t be eradicated or cured but only held at bay for a while by chemo. The specialist I saw today at the Macmillan Cancer Centre said ‘a while’ is usually about two years.

That’s okay – she only just met me today. She barely knows me.

I have already ordered my first wig. For those who remember my old hair extensions, my wigs (yes, plural – I plan to have a wig wardrobe Gaga will envy) will be just as flamboyant, perhaps more. I also bought some beautiful new boots for kicking cancer in the balls. I’m ready.”

Since then, Pat has started her chemo therapy and seems in good spirit. She has told us, she expect to be finished with the treatment in early May and hopes it gives her enough time to recover, so she can make it to Copenhagen and Fantasticon.

We at Fantasticon wish Pat and her family all the best in her fight against this terrible disease.