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Cadigan og Watson på dansk

I anledning af Fantasticon udgiver Science Fiction Cirklen to novellesamlinger med vores æresgæster, Pat Cadigan og Ian Watson, på dansk. Mens fire af Ian Watsons romaner er blevet udgivet herhjemme, er det første gang, Pat Cadigan bliver oversat til dansk.

cadiganTitlen på Pat Cadigan-samlingen bliver Søheste på Mars og indeholder Hugo-vinderen The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi samt følgende øvrige noveller (de danske titler kendes ikke på nuværende tidspunkt):

Pretty Boy Crossover, Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine januar 1986
Nothing Personal, Alien Crimes, ed. Mike Resnick, 2007
Cody, TRSF: The Best New Science Fiction, ed. Stephen Cass
The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi, Edge of Infinity, ed. Jonathan Strahan, 2012
Report Concerning the Presence of Seahorses on Mars, Reach for Infinity, ed. Jonathan Strahan, 2014
Death in the Promised Land, Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine november 1995

watsonIan Watson-samlingen hedder Langsomme fugle og indeholder følgende noveller:

We Remember Babylon, Habitats, ed. Susan Schwartz, 1984
Slow Birds, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction juni 1983
Blair’s War, Asimov’s Science Fiction juli 2013
Cages, The Solaris Book of New SF, ed. George Mann, 2007
On Cooking the First Hero in Spring, Science Fiction Monthly december 1975
Ghost Lecturer, Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine marts 1984
Hijack Holiday, Interzone nr. 166, 2001
Lover of Statues, Asimov’s Science Fiction april/maj 2005
How We Came Back From Mars, Solaris Rising, ed. Ian Whates, 2011
Long Stay, The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 3, ed. George Mann, 2009

Manfred Christiansen har tegnet begge forsider.

Pat Cadigan Update

An update about our Guest of Honour, Pat Cadigan:

On December 30th, Pat Cadigan announced:

“My cancer is back. The form I have can’t be eradicated or cured but only held at bay for a while by chemo. The specialist I saw today at the Macmillan Cancer Centre said ‘a while’ is usually about two years.

That’s okay – she only just met me today. She barely knows me.

I have already ordered my first wig. For those who remember my old hair extensions, my wigs (yes, plural – I plan to have a wig wardrobe Gaga will envy) will be just as flamboyant, perhaps more. I also bought some beautiful new boots for kicking cancer in the balls. I’m ready.”

Since then, Pat has started her chemo therapy and seems in good spirit. She has told us, she expect to be finished with the treatment in early May and hopes it gives her enough time to recover, so she can make it to Copenhagen and Fantasticon.

We at Fantasticon wish Pat and her family all the best in her fight against this terrible disease.


Read our GoH

The website for Fantasticon 2015 is finally up. It is still very much a work-in-progress, which explains the rough look. In the meantime you can read these stories by our Guests of Honour, Pat Cadigan and Ian Watson, that are available online at the moment:

Pat Cadigan
Angel (Asimov’s/io9)
Home by the Sea (A Whisper of Blood/Strange Horizons)
Cody (Clarkesworld)
Unfair Exchange (Nightmare Magazine)

Ian Watson
The Invention of Beloved Money with Roberto Quaglia (Flurb)
The Traveling Raven Problem (Daily Science Fiction)
Me and My Flying Saucer (Nature)