June 1. – 2. 2024

Author: Sidsel

  • The program is almost ready

    The program is almost ready

    The program for Fantasticon 2024 is almost ready. You can already find all the guests as well as the program schedule and the description of individual program items. Small changes might still happen to the time slots and the exact lineup of who is on the program – but we should be there!

  • Guests of Honour

    Guests of Honour

    We are proud to be able to host this year’s Guests of Honour (GoH) is the American speculative fiction author Catherynne M. Valente and British television creator Dominic Mitchell.

  • Poster for Fantasticon

    Poster for Fantasticon

    We are really proud to share the poster for Fantasticon 2024 with you! The illustration is made by the wonderful Louise Clark! The illustration fits this year’s theme of Immortality perfectly! We are really looking forward to exploring the theme from a horror, fantasy and science fiction lense!

  • Photos from 2023

    Photos from 2023

    You all shared your photos from Fantasticon 2023 with us! See them all here! Thank you all for sharing your photos, so we can relive the wonderful moments from last year!

  • Save the date

    Save the date

    We are really stoked to be able to announce that Fantasticon 2024 will be June 1st to June 2nd 2024 at Støberiet Copenhagen. We might do some programing at the May 31. ! That means that the convention will take place in the same time and place as last year. So save the date! The…

  • Watch or rewatch the virtual program items

    Watch or rewatch the virtual program items

    Because both Regina Wong and Chris Beckett were unable to join us in the physical meatspace, they joined us virtually for their program items. We have put both on YouTube, so you can watch it, if yo missed it.

  • Photos from Fantasticon 2023

    Photos from Fantasticon 2023

    A number of lovely fans have let us use their photos. Thank you to Anita A. Simonsen, Bonnie Bertram, Flemming R.P. Rasch, Sidsel Pedersen, Thomas Arnt, Tue Sørensen for letting us use your photographs. If you have photos from Fantasticon 2023, that you want to share, please send them to: info@fantasticon.dk

  • Thank you for Fantasticon 2023

    Thank you for Fantasticon 2023

    We want to thank everyone who took part in this year’s Fantasticon! We want to thank the people who visited the convention for the very first time – as well as those who has been here from the very beginning! We want to thank everyone who has been on the programing – there would be…

  • Help us get photos from the con

    Help us get photos from the con

    Please help us gather photos from Fantasticon 2023 for our website! Unlike last year we didn’t have an official photographer, so we are now left without any photographs from the convention. We hope that you will help us gather as may photos as possible, so that we will have a little bit of an easier…

  • Chris Beckett had to cancel

    Chris Beckett had to cancel

    We are very sad to announce that our guest of honour Chris Beckett had to cancel his apperance at Fantasticon 2023. Last week Chris had surgery at a hospital, but expected to recover in time for Fantasticon. Unfortunately he had to go back to the hospital for further treatment on Tuesday, and couldn’t expect to…