NovoPulp / Billy O’Shea

Lørdag / Saturday 13.00-14.00, Room 1

Niamh Brown is a British Writer of speculative fiction who has emigrated to Denmark.
She manages a project at Hermit Studio which has just published its first speculative fiction anthology NovoPulp.
“We promote indie writers and artists to help give them a platform to kick start their work and give them exposure,” she says.

Kingdom of Clockwork
Billy O’Shea is an Irishman who has lived in Scandinavia for more than thirty years.
Hear him talk about his science fiction/steampunk novel Kingdom of Clockwork which takes place in a quasi-medieval society that arises in Scandinavia after the new Dark Ages.
The story combines real Scandinavian history and locations with flights of fancy, both literal and metaphorical.

Watch the book trailer or read more about him and the novel on the website