Buy your Membership

We have set up an electronic shop for tickets.

It handles all major credit cards, etc. It also delivers all relevant info to us as organizers. Making the process easy for both you and us. Please buy your ticket early as we plan the festival program from the sold tickets and the people we know will be attending.

Everybody must buy a ticket.

This includes the organizers, all program participants, and all people selling/presenting stuff in Dealer´s Room.


Membership Structure 2019 (Prices in DKK):
Category Period Weekend Pass Add Dinner? One Day Only
A-series Until Mar 31st               350,00              200,00 N/A
B-series From April 1st to Jun 30th               375,00              200,00 N/A
C-series From July 1st to Aug 31st               400,00              200,00                 150,00
D-series Door Sale, From Sep 1st to Sep 22nd               N/A N/A                 150,00

Tickets are sold at this link: