Christian Hoffmann

Christian Hoffmann from Germany will come by and tell us about the origins of African Fantasy. He has spent his life reading and writing about African speculative fiction, for instance withers like Amos Tutula (1920-1997), a great fantastic writer from Nigeria.

Christian Hoffmann was born in 1966 in a small bavarian village. He is the author of books about Robert Sheckley, Fritz Leiber and John T. Sladek. Besides he wrote lots of stories, reviews and essays for several german magazines, newspapers and anthologies. He is co-editor of the Science Fiction Magazine !TIME MACHINE (Wurdack Verlag). In his book PHANTASTISCHE LITERATUR AUS AFRIKA Eine Bestandsaufnahme (FANTASTIC FICTION FROM AFRICA An Appraisal), which was published 2012 by Shayol Verlag in Berlin, Hoffmann introduces the most relevant authors and their works in substantial essays. Hoffmann lives in Munich, Germany.

Some articles about african fantastic literature by Christian Hoffmann:

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