A Centennial Celebration at Fantasticon 2019 !

Not all topics on Fantasticon 2019 focus on Afrofuturism. We have some anniversaries we will celebrate as well.

One of these will be the centennial of Ray Cummings groundbreaking story “The Girl in the Golden Atom” (All-Story Weekly, March 15, 1919). This is the tale of a scientist who sees a beautiful woman in the atoms of his mother’s wedding ring (and his adventures when he shrinks himself down to join her microscopic world). It quickly became a classic in the genre.

The very same year, in 1919, scientist Ernest Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus, giving rise to immense research and discovery in Physics. The emminent Dr. Edmund Schluessel, a theoretical astrophysicist, teacher and writer, currently at Helsinki University, will give a talk about atomic advances in both fiction and science over the century.