Our plans for Fantasticon 2021

Last year the pandemic forced us to make Fantasticon an online event. In 2021 we hope that the pandemic will be over by September. If not, we will do another online Fantasticon, but with a larger program, and with the usual mix of Danish and English programming. But in case the pandemic is over, this is what we will do:

The venue will be the same as in 2017-2019, an old house owned by The Order of Serapion. This fits nicely with our theme for 2021 – The Weird Fantasticon – but please don’t be scared away from Fantasticon: Serapions-Ordenen is a club of very nice people doing humanitarian work in their spare time.

We want to explore the genre of speculative fiction called weird fiction and its recent incarnation new weird. This genre have a lot in common with the horror genre and is in some ways synonymous with horror. That means interviews and talks with writers, talks and panels about writers of the past, and some insight into the genre from academics and science too. We also want to have something about weird movies and weird graphic novels on the program.

While we are currently looking for writer guests from outside Denmark, to get insight into what is happening elsewhere in our world, we also want to highlight the many Danish writers of horror and weird fiction who are writing excellent short stories and novels, but are almost unknown by most of the Danish book reading public, and probably completely unknown outside Denmark.

Fantasticon is financed by membership fee and a few sponsors from fandom organisations. If we could, we would make the membership free or much lower for everyone. But we have decided to make membership free for everyone under 26, if they “buy” a ticket via our online system. With that we hope to see many new fans of the fantastic here in 2021.

Another new addition to Fantasticon is Fantasticon Junior. It´s an afternoon of activities for children. More on that later, when we get closer to Fantasticon.

Even though the theme is “weird”, the program of Fantasticon 2021 will of course also feature science fiction and fantasy. If you have ideas of what to get on the program, be it weird fiction, horror, science fiction or fantasy, please contact us via Facebook or by comments on this webpage.

And last, but not least: To get prepared for Fantasticon, we invite everyone interested to join a reading group for weird fiction. So far three meetings are planned: March 18, April 7 and April 21. The texts will be short stories in English, be writers from the start of the genre to writers from the 21th Century. Details will be posted soon.

Hope to see you at Fantasticon in September 3-5!

The Fantasticon 2021 organizers

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