You become a member of Fantasticon 2021 when you buy a ticket.

Ticket prices:
One day ticket (only valid for the day you buy it for): 100 DKR
Weekend ticket (for the whole convention): 250 DKR

If you are under 26 years old when you buy the ticket, you can get a free ticket, if you “buy” your membership no later than a week before Fantasticon (or before the free tickets are sold out).  We assume that you are honest about your age, but may require some sort of id at the registration desk, if we suspect that you are a bit older than 25. (We consider you under 26 if you were born in 1995 or later).

Most of the activities at Fantasticon are suitable for children, but children (under 12) don’t need a ticket if they are accompanied by one or more adult members. Saturday afternoon we will have a “Fantasticon Junior” for children. More on that and how to sign up later.

As a general rule invited guests are not required to buy a ticket/membership, but may buy one to support Fantasticon.

We have set up an electronic shop for tickets.

It handles all major credit cards, etc. It also delivers all relevant info to us as organizers. Making the process easy for both you and us. Please buy your ticket early as we plan the festival program from the sold tickets and the people we know will be attending.

Tickets are sold at this link:

(The Link may appear to be for Fantasticon 2020, but it is for 2021).