We are currently working on the program for 2022.

See the page Program items or our Facebook page for more info (the latter may be a bit more updated).

New venue – new format

We have moved the con to a new venue – Støberiet to get a more accessible venue.

We are changing the format of the con a compared to earlier years. We are moving the ‘meet and greet’ to Friday evening and having the opening ceremony on Saturday, so everyone have a change to take part in both. The shorter program is reflected in the price of the tickets for the con. We are also trying to limit the number of program items that are in the same slot, so that there are no more than two at any given time – we hope that will mean a bigger audience to each program item and give everyone a bit more time to socialize.

This year’s theme will be Strange Creatures

Aliens, elves, AI, ghosts, gods and monsters – countless varieties of non-human intelligence are to be found in the genres Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror. In Fantasticon 2022 we will explore the subject of the conscious Other across the borders of the fantastic genres.

Friday June 24th 2022

Meet and greet – 17-22 pm at Støberiet

Saturday June 25th 2022

Unlike previous years we plan to open the con on Saturday.

The regular programing will run from 10 am till 17 pm followed by the con-dinner.

The Saturday night dinner will take place at a local restaurant – like other years the dinner is payed separately.

Sunday June 26th 2022

Sunday will be a normal con-day and we plan to finish the con with a traditional dead dog party at a local bar.

The regular programing will run from 11 am till 17 pm.