Anne-Marie Vedsø Olesen

© Lindhardt & Ringhof, fotograf Robin Skjoldborg.

Anne-Marie lives in a castle and likes opera, theater and music. She worked as a medical doctor for a few years, before becoming a full time writer.. Her first published work “Salenos Sol” is a historical novel set in the middle ages. She have published several historical novels since then, but most of her work since then have elements of the fantastic. Her fantasy trilogi “Gudestorm” is set in our present world, and features Egyptian gods. The horror novel “Lucie” was presented at Fantasticon 2018. Her latest novel “Månen over Øen” is science fictional weird fiction, and her next novel, to be published in time for Fantasticon, is the first in a trilogy based on Norse mythology. Most of her recent books have gotten very good reviews by the Danish mainstream media critics, perhaps because she always manages to add something extra to the usual genre elements.

Anne-Marie blogs here (in Danish) :