Our First Key Note Speaker!

While you all wait for the announcement of out exceptional Guests of Honor, we proudly present our first Key Note Speaker!

ERIK STEINSKOG is dr. art. i musical science from the Technical – Natural Science University in Trondheim, Norway (NTNU). He is currenly teaching in Musical Science at the Institute for Art & Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University.  He has published work on opera, gender and sexuality, afrofuturism and estetics. He teaches courses in Afrofuturism at Copenhagen University, in 2019 he will teach a course in “Black Speculative Fiction”, which will look extensively at the works by Nigerian writer Nnedi Okorafor (BINTI, Lagoon, etc). He recently published a book on Afrofuturisme & Sound on Palgrave: Afrofuturism and Black Sound Studies: Culture, Technology, and Things to Come (2018) (https://www.palgrave.com/de/book/9783319660400).

Some background information can be found (in Danish) in this interview for the Copenhagen University Paper: https://uniavisen.dk/popkultur-er-finkultur/. As well as on his presentation page at the Copenhagen University Homepage: https://kunstogkulturvidenskab.ku.dk/ansatte/?pure=da%2Fpersons%2Ferik-steinskog(0d248891-05ed-4e26-90b8-b2b70753e4cb).html