We have set up an electronic shop for tickets.

It handles all major credit cards, etc. It also delivers all relevant info to us as organizers. Making the process easy for both you and us. Please buy your ticket early as we plan the festival program from the sold tickets and the people we know will be attending. If you wait too long, we will not have that extra Guest of Honor flown in for your money, and you will not be asked to be on the program J

Buy your ticket here:

Fantasticon 2018 – STEAMPUNK FESTIVAL



Everybody must buy a ticket.

This includes organizers, program participants, and people selling stuff in Dealer´s Room.


Buy your ticket as early as possible.

There are not only a limited amount of tickets, but also good discounts for early birds .  Do not forget to buy a ticket to the Festive Saturday Evening Dinner too. There are only a very limited amount of tickets to this spectacular event.


Also please answer before you check out of the shop:

– Do you want to be on the program?

– Do you want to help out with practicalities for a few hours?

– Do you want to reserve a space in our Dealer´s Room? No extra charge, as long as there is space.