Funding is in place !

Finance is always a challenge for a fan convention….

– Will there be enough guests? Can we afford a Guest of Honor? Two? Will we be running into deficits this year?

Happily, due to three sponsors, all of that has now been taken care of. So:

We are GO! for convention time!

Let´s briefly mention the sponsors that has made this year´s Fantasticon – The Steampunk Festival – possible:

SFC – The Science Fiction Circle – is the national organization for Danish science fiction fans. Established way back in the 1970s, they have been the core of Danish Fandom for several decades now. They have been publishing genre books for a long time, and can be found in the Dealer´s room on Fantasticon 2018. Go to their website and check them out: Not only will SFC be publishing TWO steampunk anthologies for Fantasticon 2018, they have ALSO donated 15.000 DKK to Fantasticon 2018, AND have put up a 10.000 DKK financial guarantee for an eventual deficit.

– Basically, they have taken all our financial worries in running this year´s convention away! We love them !


Fantasticon 2017 have donated their surplus to us, thay actually made a profit of 4.748,07 DKK last year, and they have now been donated to us. Check out their festival at Fantasticon 2017 under the heading About.

– We humbly promise to attempt to do the same for Fantasticon 2019 !


Foreningen Fantastik – is a newer, very significant, organization for Danish fans of the fantastic genre (science fiction/fantasy/horror), that hosts 2 pubmeetings every month in Copenhagen, organize film- and writing clubs, and was the ones that began the yearly Fantasticon conventions back in 2004. They have donated 2.500 DKK to Fantsticon 2018. Check them out at

– We are very grateful !


Other funding are expected to come in as we approach the convention, among them will be an benefit auction for Fantasticon 2018 – sometime in March/April in Copenhagen – where dvds, books, and other stuff will be auctioned off to eager fans. We will post more about time & place later.

– Do go and buy, to support us !